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WE CHANGE THE                           WORLD
        ONE FACIAL                      AT A TIME


Relax Your Body & Soul

The power of touch is transforming

I have been practicing esthetics for almost a decade now, it is a very emotionally rewarding profession. Every time a client leaves the studio with a huge smile and glowing skin, exclaiming how recharged they feel, I get the most incredible feeling of accomplishment. 

    Having such an intense passion for my work allows me to build strong relationships with each client, providing them with my full attention and commitment.  Every day I strive to ensure that everyone gets pampered and properly taken care of.

    Being able to educate my clients on 

the importance of skin care gives me great joy.  Often times, people do not realize how crucial it is to take care of their skin;  the work of an esthetician is done by combining science with beauty, to create flawless glowing skin. It is my duty to put my clients on the right track to reaching their skincare goals, and finally being able to embrace their skin.


Meet Rodica

One unique aspect about Rodica is that she is a proud mother of her three-year-old daughter. Her journey in balancing her professional commitment with her family responsibilities has added to her compassionate and nurturing nature. This balance of care and expertise makes her an ideal addition to Marina Esthetic Studio family.


 Service Menu 


Spa Facials

Teen Facial (60 min)                                            $80+
Mini Facial (60 min)                                             $90+
Back Facial                                                           $100+
Signature Facial (90 min)                                   $100+
Anti-aging Facial (90 min)                                  $120+



Chemical Peels

1 Treatment                                                             $125
2-6 Treatments                                                      $100+ ea
1 Treatment w/ dermaplaning                            $170

Offering custom blend peels to target skin conditions such as acne, hyperpigmentation, photo-aging, rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles-- using cutting edge technology and ingredients made in USA & Europe.


Waxing & Tinting

Eyebrow                                $20
Lip                                           $15
Chin                                        $15
Nose                                       $15
Ears                                         $15
Face                                        $50
Underarm                              $20
Half Arm                                 $30
Full Arm                                  $45
Half Leg (lower)                    $40

Half Leg (upper)                       $35
Full Leg                                      $75
Bikini                                           $40
French Bikini                             $55
Brazilian Bikini                    $60-70

(Females only)

Back Wax                                  $90
Chest Wax                                $40
Eyebrow Tint                            $20
Eyelash Tint                              $20

Advanced Facials

Using State-of-the-art machines

Skin Perfector (lifting & tightening) (75 min)                                     $160
Nanopore CIT (collagen infusion)  (60 min)                                      $150
Nanopore CIT with peel (75 min)                                                        $220
LED Micro-Current (skin tightening) (60 min)                                  $110
Facial Bio-Spa/Electroporation (90 min)                                         $125
Facial LED Micro-Current (90 min)                                                    $130
Dermaplaning (exfoliating treatment) (60 min)                               $80
Facial w/Dermaplaning (135 min)                                                      $170
Consultation for Skin Irregularities (15 min)                                     FREE
Removal Skin Irregularities (15 min)                                             $20+ ea


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